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I’m Back!

Hello! I know I have not been active in a while, but I have been so insanely busy. I am glad to say that things are looking smoother from here on out. I have just finished the best contact I have ever had. Sadly, towards the end of the contract I let my apprehension get the better of me and I let myself stray from my spiritual path. I am really looking forward to getting back into a self-care routine. I will start by doing my 40 days of yoga and continuing on my carb free/sugar free journey.

I am going to be starting my placement in two weeks’ time and then after that I am starting my new job. This is so exciting! I just cannot wait. I have decided to take an assistant position so that I can have a little more time to focus on my studies and my spiritual health. I am going to miss my lovely kindy children so much, but I know that they are going to be perfectly fine. We had a wonderful last day and I know they are looking forward to seeing their old teacher.

I am going to be working on myself and the home that I live in with my darling husband who is going to be bed bound soon thanks to surgery. This means I am going to be in charge of my house hold without any help. I may actually put my puppies into clean bubbles so that they won’t make as much mess as they normally do. I have created a weekly to do list so that I can stay on top of my studies and house work.

Today I have officially started my 40 days of yoga. This is a practice I am very passionate about and find that it really helps me center myself into the moment and allows me to be less stressed.

Anyway, it is good to be back!


Namaste ❤

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Week 1 Progression

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.53.18 am

Week 1 results are in! I have to admit that I have been really bad this week.  I had Chinese food and farewell chocolate and all kinds of things, so I am basically not proud of this, but I am aware that I am going to improve on this in the future. I am actually pretty happy with my results considering. I am also pretty happy with how my steps are going while I am doing Steptember.

Please help me support this wonderful cause!

Steptember Fund raising page

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Progress – Day 1

So I know it is crazy early, but I have already lost 800g! I am so excited!!!!!!! I have attached a link to the place I found the diet so that I can share the love. I am really excited about the benefits of this! Plus I am starting steptember tomorrow so everything is just coming up Milhouse (I blame my husband for that one).  I have also attached a link to my steptember page so you can go on and support me.

Let me know if you give this a try!!!!!


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15 weeks of Carb Free

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 7.45.18 pm.pngSo another desperate attempt to improve my health. I am still working on quitting sugar, but I am finding it very very hard. So I have organized my life into a carb free way of eating. Is it going to be easy? Clearly not, but since when is anything worth doing easy. I am also taking part in steptember. WOOHOO! So it is a very big week for change. I am doing to be keeping you up to date with my progress, which of course means showing you my starting point. I will also be showing you what it is that I am eating and basically seeing if it works for anyone else. I am also getting off the vegetarian band wagon. This is because I have noticed a serious drop in my energy levels and my over all mood. This is not helping my performance at work, so this isn’t exactly working for me. But each to their own! I am loving sharing my journey with you, even if I have been incredibly lazy with posting over the past few weeks. I hope that you enjoy sharing my journey. Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 7.48.01 pm.png

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Week 3 – Wish me Luck!

I am struggling with this. For this week I have included the workouts that I will be doing (god help me!). I am really looking forward to getting my yoga on and just allowing myself to be apart of this process. This is the first week with absolutely no sugar, so I am interested to see how I will go. Lets hope that all goes well!

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 4.17.42 pm

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End of Week 2.

sugar thingInspiration is not coming all that quickly at the moment. I am two weeks into my personal experiment and have been looking for a little more in the way of inspiration as to why I am even starting to do this stupid quitting sugar thing at all. Currently I am tired, grumpy and just overall over it. What did I do to combat my stubborn sugar addicted mind and body? I went full sugar ninja! I bought That Sugar Film and both of Damon Gameau’s books. I found this to be pretty helpful, although I also found that having my husband helped a fair bit.

So I haven’t lost anymore weight, but that is because I have been less than perfect with my eating. But I am always being reminded to be kind to myself.


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Week 2 Meal Plan.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.43.51 amHello wonderful humans. This is the start of my second week without sugar. I am still in the easing off phase, so I am allowed my little treats. I have not included on here my daily coke zero, but that generally only happens on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have decided to incorporate a few different cooks in my weekly meal plan, mainly because I really struggle to eat the same thing day in and day out. So I have included some recipes from Damon and Zoe Gameau’s book That Sugar Guide, a couple of recipes from Hemsley and Hemsley and finally, a variety of recipes from Sarah Wilson’s books; Simplicious, I Quit Sugar For Life and I Quit Sugar.

I must remind you that this is a guide. I am sharing what I did to free myself of sugar but it isn’t for everyone. I also have to make a little note of the weekend lunches. Before any of you contact PETA, no, Russel is not my dog. Russel is a concept I have stolen from my mother in law and it basically means anything you can Russel together. It saves me having to try to stick to set meals on weekends and I am not a fan of wasting food. This helps both aspects of this. It also leads itself to conversations like “Hey babe, how long has this been in the fridge?” so it helps to keep my fridge clean as well. My husband and I try to have one date night a week and we always have Sunday dinner with my lovely mummy, so that was a bit of an easy way to make sure I am not having to bulk cook.  Friday night is also the only night we will tend to have leftovers. This is because I am at university until 7pm and my darling husband is wonderful at making spagbol, but has admitted that he isn’t really sure where to start with this whole no sugar no meat stuff. For this reason I decided that it was safer to do a vegetarian lasagna rather than braving a risky meal (sorry).

Well I am off to start my week. Wish me luck!