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Chakra System – Muladhara

552.jpgThe Muladhara (root chakra) is the foundation of the chakra system. If you practice yoga then you will be familiar with the chakra system and what each one represents. The root chakra helps to ground us and maintain our fundamental survival instincts. The root chakra is financial and nutritional difficulties. When I first started to find my feet after being diagnosed with fibro and I struggled. I was exhausted and I wanted to eat anything and everything that gave me even artificial energy. Once I found the Amy Myers diet, I decided that I was going to focus on my energy on healing my energetic flow. I am doing this by colouring a mandala a day while listening to a root chakra  meditation.

There are so many reasons to follow the chakra system, but for me it gives me something to focus on while I meditate. I breathe into the root chakra and focus on being grounded, connected and present. Personally I find that using this progression is very beneficial as it is sectioned off and I don’t get stuck in a spiral of trying to fix the whole cycle at once. It is a way to allow my mind to focus on a singular points and the smallest number of steps needed to build a solid foundation.

I am also going back to basics and building on the eight limbs of yoga starting by working on the universal morality, known as the yama’s .

I hope that this helps.


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Over the past two years, I have been exhausted and despite continuous conversations with my previous GP I have had no traction. I recently changed to a new GP and not only am I being heard, but I also have a diagnosis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It is sadly very common. Basically it means that I am exhausted and there is not a lot that can help me. I have also been unlucky enough to experience the frustrating side effect of gaining 20 kg. I am really struggling to lose the excess weight and get back to a space of health and vitality. The recovery time for CFS is varied so I have no idea how long I am going to be working towards this. It is going to be a very interesting journey especially seeing as it can be managed with some serious life style changes.

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Seven Day Gut Detox

Close-up of female hands shaping heart on belly

I have recently discovered that my gut health is not all that great. In order to fix this, I am going on a seven day detox. It is really basic, and rather lovely to do! I am feeling amazing and I am only part way through my seven days.

The seven days follows this basic outline:

  • At wake up: 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a room temperature glass of water (I usually have two glasses).
  • Breakfast: a smoothie (I go for a blueberry or green smoothie to kick start my day with some fruit and veggie goodness)
  • Mid-morning: cup of lemon and ginger tea
  • Lunch: Detox salad from the healthy chef ( )
  • Mid-afternoon: kombucha and a cup of ginger and lemon tea.
  • Dinner: organic carrot soup
  • Evening: mint and lavender tea

I am loving this meal plan! I am working really hard to detox my body and get into a better place. I absolutely love all of these meals and they keep me going.  It is really important to leave 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. I normally have dinner at around 6 pm and breakfast at around 6 am the next day. This helps my gut restore itself over the night.

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What is going on with my gut?

3467.jpgIf you have been reading my blog then you know that I have been having some crazy issues with my health. I am only now realizing that there is something going on with my gut. I am experiencing a very sensitive stomach and a persistent nausea that is driving me crazy. Over the past week, it has become harder and harder for me to actually eat much of anything without being thrown into a state of discomfort and dizziness. I had put it down to stress seeing as I am currently doing my placement and trying to do two assignments and study for my exams. I am also not earning any money so that hasn’t helped anything either. But it has been going on for far too long to just be stress.

So, I am going to give a decent detox a solid go! I am very excited about this. So no processed food, no more soft drink, no more carbs and no more naughty days. The reason behind this is not a choice, but a necessity to better my health. Having a healthy body is the key to having a healthy mind. I am going to drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water before each meal to aid in digestion and begin introducing kombucha into my diet. I am going to grow my very own Scoby which is going to be an interesting experience to say the very least.

As a teacher it is very important that I take care of myself so that I can lead by example. Especially when working with low income family and young children.


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Self-Care in the Early Years

Good evening!

So, I have been thinking about self-care. As grown-ups, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to better take care of ourselves. But, when was the last time you stopped to think what the self-care habits of a child are. It probably isn’t doing yoga, going for a run or forcing themselves to eat boring steamed chicken and veggies, so what does self-care look like in childhood?

If you actually think about it, when did this obsession with self-care start? Is it a natural behaviour or is it learnt? I believe it is natural. Taking care of yourself is a primal need and we have to encourage this in our wonderful children. But how can we encourage this without making it a serious point of disagreement?

I suggest making a game out of it. If you want to do yoga with your child/class then try making it a case of Simon says or something similar. This allows children to engage in the activity while feeling engaged in a game.

Namaste ❤

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Embracing Kama Yoga and Spirituality in my Daily Life.


I am so relaxed after my first week off. It is crazy much you need a break after working and studying. I have started my daily home yoga practice and I can already feel a difference. I have recently started using tarot cards as part of my daily practice. I know that this makes me sound crazy, but there is a reason behind it so hear me out.

Reading tarot cards doesn’t require a psychic ability, but it just an acceptance of your higher self. This is a vital part of tarot cards as it is the higher self that allows you to pick the cards that are calling to you. This practice requires you to open yourself up to allow the earths energy to flow through you.

Be careful if you are looking into reading tarot cards because it can be a bit tricky.

Namaste ❤