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Seven Day Gut Detox

Close-up of female hands shaping heart on belly

I have recently discovered that my gut health is not all that great. In order to fix this, I am going on a seven day detox. It is really basic, and rather lovely to do! I am feeling amazing and I am only part way through my seven days.

The seven days follows this basic outline:

  • At wake up: 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a room temperature glass of water (I usually have two glasses).
  • Breakfast: a smoothie (I go for a blueberry or green smoothie to kick start my day with some fruit and veggie goodness)
  • Mid-morning: cup of lemon and ginger tea
  • Lunch: Detox salad from the healthy chef ( )
  • Mid-afternoon: kombucha and a cup of ginger and lemon tea.
  • Dinner: organic carrot soup
  • Evening: mint and lavender tea

I am loving this meal plan! I am working really hard to detox my body and get into a better place. I absolutely love all of these meals and they keep me going.  It is really important to leave 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. I normally have dinner at around 6 pm and breakfast at around 6 am the next day. This helps my gut restore itself over the night.

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