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My Sunday Routine



I love my Sundays. Something about having a day to just relax and do nothing but focus on resting and taking it easy. I get up in the morning, have something to eat and then take my puppies for a walk. They love this. It is so lovely to see how excited every time they see the leads. When I get back, depending on the time, I have a cup of tea while watching friends (years later and I still love that show!) before getting ready for body balance. Starting my 126177-oqr9fk-82.jpgday with exercise really puts my mind in a positive place for the rest of the day. Once I get home it is normally about midday. I have some lunch and then I move along to tidying up my house. To be honest, currently my house is not up to the standards that I would like it to be. But it is getting it easier with each weekend and day that I am managing to spend a little more time cleaning up. After this I head to a meditation group with my lovely mother and depending on how I am feeling after the day then I will take the dogs for another walk or do some yoga.

This is my Sunday. To be fair I am 23, newly married, have two dogs and no children. I totally get that sadly people, like my darling mother, do not have time to do this. I am aware that this is not a realistic thing for most people. This being said, finding time to enjoy your own company is super important. If you don’t have time to breathe and be with yourself, then you are going to feel disconnected within yourself. ‘

It is worth having a think about where you could find some more time for yourself.



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