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Serving your higher self – What the actual hell does that mean!

So I have recently been exposed to some beautiful people who have asked me if I was serving my higher self. I can honestly say that my first reaction was assuming that they were absolutely mental. The term was used when talking about some of my more destructive habits (e.g. watching the whole first season of Outlander in two days, thank you to a certain friend for that. You know who you are) and if I thought it was actually helping to connect to my deeper self. This person saw the confusion in my face. They did not give me any further explanation of what a higher self was and just moved on with what they were doing.

ODR91K0.jpgI now know why they did not further explain this. When I got home, I googled the life out of it. You may call it your soul or your energy, but it is what lives inside you. So now that I knew what my higher self was, I could start moving towards it. Once I found out about this, I looked into how I could get in touch with this. If I am honest with you, I am still figuring it out. From my understanding, it feels a lot like listening to the universe. Whether you pray, meditate or whatever, you can actually ask your higher self for guidance. I am very interested in this.

I recently had a very dear friend of mine go through a break up with an individual  who I believe is very toxic. I am ashamed to say that I went out of my way to tell this person that they were not good enough for my friend and that they had done more damage than they knew. While this was not my place, or in anyway my business I felt an overwhelming need to tell this person that they were holding my friend back from being the person that they deserved in life. This is when I realized that I was defending this humans higher self. Being trapped in a routine or negative cycle can dramatically reduce the connection between you and your higher self.

Observe your habits and ask if they are serving you? If they are not serving you, are they serving another? If they are not, then consider letting it go. Try and replace this habit or thought with another habit or thought that serves your higher self.


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