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Expressing Emotions.

07The past two weeks have been very hard. If you read my posts regularly then you will know that I have recently been in hospital. This was due to a very serious case of bronchitis, but I am not talking about that right now. I am talking about expressing our emotions as teachers. I have a very strong dislike for shouting in my classroom. For this reason, I avoid it at all cost. Last week I shouted for the first time and five children started crying on the spot. It was awful and I hated every second of it. But it showed me that sometimes you have to get angry for them to listen to you. I am so happy being the fun teacher, but if they are not listening to me and making unsafe choices then sometimes there is no other way.

blond girl angry expressionIt actually opened up a wonderful conversation. We have been looking at Ahn’s Anger and so one of the first things the kids said after my outburst was “Miss L, your anger is scary”. We then talked about what happened before I shouted. I explained to the children that it was a build up of being frustrated with the level of noise in the classroom. As a class we agreed that it would be better if I told the class that I was getting frustrated. We tried this over the days following and we found what caused frustration. The children have also said that they didn’t think I ever got angry but we talked about the how it made them feel better because everyone can be angry sometimes. The kids are so open about their feelings, even if they can’t really describe it. It gives them the chance to open up.



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