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Listening to your body.


So I had to go to hospital yesterday. Personally I felt it was a touch over dramatic, that was until I found out that I had acute bronchitis. Now while this is a pretty standard part of my year, this was all preventable. I have been very unlucky with my health over the past 12 months, but this is probably the worst experience.

I was sitting at my desk while my darling class were asleep and my wonderful assistant was at lunch when I got a tightening in my chest followed by tingling in my fingers and toes. As you can probably guess, I got my bottom to the doctors, where I was turned away and sent to A+E. I was taken straight into the acute ward and was hooked up to all kinds of machines. I told you it was dramatic! This situation (number one the first time I have ever been actually admitted into the hospital) but it was also totally avoidable. I went to my GP three months ago telling them that I was getting bronchitis but I was dismissed and told it was a cold. I continued going back to the GP and they continued to tell me it was a cold. So I saw a different doctor at the same practice who listened to me, but did not follow through with some of the tests. A month later I am laying in a hospital bed hooked up to so many machines I was briefly convinced that I was going to be getting my very own avatar! I started thinking about how many times I have been right about something that is happening in my body only to be dismissed by doctors. First time I was sent away with false information and ended up at A+E was when I tore a ligament in my knee. I was put into a leg brace for a week and was stuck on crutches.

As humans, we need to listen to our bodies. Nobody knows our body like we do. If you get something regularly and you have to go onto medication then be insistent that they listen to you. I am in no way criticizing all doctors, but this is only two incidents that I have personally experienced. As a single patient, I have been given a misdiagnosis four times in the space of a year. So assuming I am the worst case situation, that is still really common. I am very concerned at the rate of false information being given to me, then it must be happening to others. This is not ok! I was telling the doctors it was bronchitis from day one. I am often told that I am too young to know what was is going on in my body, but I have been living in it for a lot longer than they have been treating me.

Rant over!


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