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Vegetarian or Pescatarian – What are your reasons?

Good morning wonderful humans!


So I have recently jumped off the meat ship. I am feeling so much better since I have gone pescatarian. I haven’t completely given up eating animals because when push comes to shove, I love my fish! I originally decided to give up meat as part of a cleanse. However when I sat down and thought about starting eating meat again, I hit a bit of a moral stump. I have been a on and off paleo for about two years now and I was thinking about if I could actually kill an animal to feed myself. As you can probably guess, I couldn’t. So I have given up meat. I am not saying that I will stay pescatarian for my whole life, there may be things that cause me to need meat again in my life, but I feel that right now it is the best move for me.

The reason for this post is to see if giving up meat is the best move for you. There is a few reasons to give up meat. Some of these reasons are health, morality, you know stuff like that. Reasons not to give up meat is to lose weight, or to impress someone you know. These reasons are going to lead you down a negative path. If you are not lead by your divine nature to stop eating meat, then you are going to end up binge eating and being overall grumpy. You have to have something behind you. I personally have not found it easy, but the fact it is a moral and health driven change, I am have been able to stick to it.

I am really enjoying my journey, and I hope that if you are embarking on your own journey I would love to hear from you!


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