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What is intuition? I found the best way to describe intuition is to look at how it impacts your life. For example, there is no rhyme or reason for me to be posting anything that I post. I never plan to write a certain amount or talk about particular things. They just come. Another (and probably better) example is my visit with Vikki. It was unplanned and I had never even considered it prior to the day before, but I just knew that I needed to go and see her. She had the same feeling with me. She felt like it was something she needed to do even though there was no reason for her to make an exception to her normal opening hours. I am so thankful that I am able to tap into my intuition without too much resistance. I am extremely lucky though. I was raised to trust my instincts. My mother and father have always encouraged me to go with my gut instinct and now as an adult I am still able to do this. As a child, most of us are able to use our intuition, but somewhere along our educational journey, we lose that ability. I am unsure why this happens, it could be because there is suddenly a right and wrong answer to questions, or maybe the way we have structured our classrooms and timetables don’t allow for intuition, but something is changed and our views on the world shift. Are we rushing children to grow up? If I am honest, I still have a little bit of childhood in me. I am still viewing the world as something new and exciting and I still get far too involved in things I should stay out of. My mother always reminds me of when I was a baby, I jumped on the edge of the sofa onto my unsuspecting uncle without any thought of the consequences. As adults, we don’t have that willingness to jump. Maybe I have been lucky. Maybe I have just been caught more often than others, but we shouldn’t be afraid of the fall. Falling can be beneficial as these errors in judgement help us to grow and develop.

Even though I am only 23, I have had my fair share of fly or fall moments. The most terrifying of which is still deciding to go into education. If I was wrong and I was meant to continue along my path as a singer, then taking the time to become an early childhood teacher would set me back four years. But I flew. I am happier and healthier than I ever could have been as a musician.

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