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Kindergarten Community Tree

499.jpgOver the past week I have been teaching my wonderful kindy children about identity. It is so important in the early years to show children the importance and value of being true to themselves. I am so aware of how the children feel about themselves. I have one child in particular who, when I started, believed that he was a “naughty” child. This is so not the case! Children are not born naughty and I do not believe that children are intentionally naughty. This was what inspired me to look deeper into what the children actually believed about themselves. We read the book “Too Loud Lily” which is a wonderful little book about being true to yourself. We then drew a self-portrait and create a collage for the background. The children then cut the drawing of themselves out and glued them onto the background. We then talked about what makes them each so wonderful.

After this wonderful experience we then talked about what made a community. It is so important to include the children in this discussion! If the children are unaware of the community around them, then they are not being emerged in the culture they need to be apart of.


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