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Essential Oils.

I have crossed the line. I am now officially becoming one of the people who are super into their oils and have a diffuser running 24/7.  I am so excited for my oils to arrive! 20732-NSX8GH.jpg

I got into oils at a dōTERRA party. One of my darling friends has just had a baby and she is very into using these oils with her little cherub. This particular friend is actually part of the reason I became a teacher so I was very in-tune and curious about what it was she felt so connected to. My beautiful mothers came along to the workshop with me and I left with a diffuser and a small collection of oils. I am so excited for my oils to arrive!

I will also be using these wonderful oils in my kindergarten classroom. The way that the oils can impact the children are fantastic. Obviously I am going to need to put this into practice before I can actually report back on my findings. I am so excited.


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