The Importance of Rest.

OB82N20.jpgI have been posting a lot about getting moving and using your physical body, but I want to just take a moment to talk about rest. Our bodies need rest. If you are working full time (like me) or even part time, it is important that you take some time to just sit and just be. If you don’t take enough time for yourself, then you will burn yourself out. I am so guilty of this! I have only just noticed that I am needing to redirect my energy and be selfish for a little bit. If you give all of your energy to everyone else and leave yourself with nothing then you are doing yourself a disservice. While it is so important to practice selflessness, you need to be in a healthy space and have enough energy for yourself otherwise you won’t be able to give your best to your work, partner, family or study. I have previously fallen into the trap of thinking to be healthy I have to be moving all the time, but all this is doing is draining my energy and leaving me with nothing to repair my physical, spiritual and emotional self. As a result, it has manifested in illness, cold sores and cravings for food that is lacking in nutrition. This is not good for my health. As a result I am putting on weight, looking worse for wear and I don’t have a whole lot of energy to play with or take my dogs for a walk. They are suffering slightly. They are bored and eating my furniture. This is an example of how placing your energy into the wrong areas are not helping the people and animals around you.

For this reason I have been doing a very slow yoga flow that I posted about 4 days ago. I am so grateful for this flow. It has helped me surrender to the divine forces and allow myself to focus more energy towards healing my body and my spirit. Allow your weekends to be a time of rest and recuperation. Have a look for some yoga flows that promote health and healing. It is so worth a try, if it works for you let me know!


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