I don’t know if anyone else has heard of this technique, but I have recently started a practice called tapping. I came across this in a conversation with my darling mother. She was telling me about this wonderful meditation group she had started attending and she was introduced to tapping at this group. When she first told me about this, I have to tell you that I thought she was a touch on the crazy side but I have been trying to be less judgmental about experiences and activities that I haven’t tried yet. So I gave it a go with the guides from the tapping solution. They have a wonderful introduction video with Jessica Ortner that walk your through the steps of tapping. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I am really feeling the impacts. I am just working through my issues with a combination of tapping, meditation, yoga and diet. I have found that so far I am making real progress in my emotional health.

I also have to give a quick shout out to mum for being so wonderful. I have been letting my negative thoughts and feelings manifest in the way I am keeping my home. My mum dropped by (surprising me) and helped me tidy up the mess that had been forming without my realization. Sometimes I get so caught up in my head that I don’t see the mounting chaos surrounding me. My mum is so wonderful at helping me see the mess around me and then she helps me clean and organize. So thank you mum! I really, really appreciate you and all the help you give me.

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