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Healing Through Food, Free Writing and Letting Go.

I am only just coming out of a very dark period of my life. The worst part is I didn’t even know I was in it. After I was on a very hard placement, I lost my job and my husband is also going through a very hard time at work. I have also been sick so as you can imagine, our house is a bundle of negative energy. I didn’t realize that there was so much negative energy until the husband went away and I was left alone in a house of draining energy. I have been searching myself for a solution, and I have found a combination of techniques that are so far helping me.


I have moved on from being Paleo to giving vegetarianism a try. It started as a cleanse as part of my eight limb yoga path, but I felt so much better so I decided to stick with it for a while. The whole point of going Paleo is so that I wasn’t eating anything that I couldn’t gather or hunt. I realized that if faced with it, I would not be able to kill anything. So it just seemed fitting that I should try without it. I have found that I am feeling much better in general. I no longer eat processed food and that is helping my ADHD and I can feel my body repairing itself.

Free Writing:
Free writing is the act of writing without filtering or judging. It is a very mindful practice, but it can be rather confronting. For example, I had no idea how cross I was with my husband about trivial newly wed problems (like not participating in housework). It is so odd that it can be the little things that create our negative head space. In my situation, it has actually spread from my mind into the way I am keeping my house. So not only was I eating my frustrations but I am also not keeping my environment in a healthy state. After a bit of free writing I felt so much better. As I wrote, I could feel the stress and frustration lifting like I was removing a heavy backpack or a weight vest. I am now free to start working on myself.

Letting Go:
I have posted about this before, but I am actually really excited about how well this works! I even do it with my kindy kids. I get them to imagine the negative feeling/thought/energy as a balloon. As they breath in and out the balloon inflates. After about five breaths, I get them to let go and imagine that the balloon is floating away. I even use this balloon technique to help me get past my problems. I have also started tapping which is a very interesting way of manifesting what you need. The hardest part of this is the actual letting go. It is very hard. I am really trying to put this into practice but you will have to give it a try yourself. The way that you gain anything is to lose it. So if you have a goal in mind, sit and manifest it, then let it go. Give it a try!


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