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Niyamas – Personal Morality

Alright, so the second limb of yoga is niyama which addresses personal morality. While the yamas address the external world, the niyamas deal with internal world. This limb also has five different levels. Each one deals with a different area of the world within us.


The five areas of niyama are as follows.

  1. Purity – Saucha
  2. Contentment – Santosha
  3. Self-Discipline – Tapas
  4. Self-study – Svadhyaya
  5. Surrender – Ishvara Pranidhana

The first part of the niyamas is purity. I have always been a pretty big meat and sugar eater, so as part of my journey, I am going on a month long cleanse. I am putting myself on a vegetarian diet to help me regain my health and get rid of any unwanted toxins. This is the first step, I am also trying to take a detox from social media and using my physical practice to disperse any negative emotions.

The second niyama is contentment. This is very similar to honesty, it is being aware of how you react in situations that you don’t feel in control of. If something doesn’t turn out the way you want to take a step back and consider the different way to react. You can also choose to not react. If you don’t react, you can show that you accept what is happening with our judgment. If you practice this skill you can deepen your contentment with your life. It can become so strong that your contentment holds despite ever changing circumstances around you.

Self-discipline is the heat or burn that is your commitment required to encourage a change, the same way that metal is shaped by fire. Tapas is often needed during








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