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Why I Practice.

I have personally been practicing yoga for three years, however, it is only recently that I have really begun to understand the spiritual side of my practice. I have recently finished a 40 day home practice which I was very nervous about starting. However, after I began this journey I discovered a deeper way of connecting with myself that brought out a side that I was not 100% connected to.

I started yoga as a way to lose weight. Over the years, I have found that it has weaved it’s way into the rest of my life. It started with the way I dealt with stress and moved into the way that I thought and approached new situations. All it took was starting a mindfulness practice. I was actually drawn to yoga by starting a meditation practice when I was 18. That was 5 years ago. I noticed that I was feeling better and more in control of my existence and decided to look deeper into the “hippie dippie crap” that I had started. My room mates mocked me and my brother and my dad were all to happy to laugh when I got stuck in poses (plow pose, have been stuck there way to many times), but as my practice developed and evolved, so did the way people reacted to it. My dad and brother are impressed with the dedication I have to my practice and my brother is surprised at how flexible I am. I used to laugh at the inspirational posts that would say things like “I bed so that I don’t break” and “yoga is a journey to the self, through the self, with the self”. But I am now the person who posts them and I am increasingly inspired by these quotes.

I am now embarking on my 100 days of yoga that will incorporate a veggie and grain cleanse. I am also following the 8 limb path. This is starting with cultivating purity. I will talk more about this in another post. But I am very inspired along this journey. I hope that reading this will inspire you.


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