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Couples Meditation


When I first started meditating, I thought it had to be something I do on my own. I could not have been more wrong. Recently my darling husband and I have been experimenting with meditating together.

So the first question that you probably have is “how the hell do I meditate with another person?” Well, it is pretty much the same as meditating by yourself. The way my husband and I practice this depends on the situation. If we are meditating on a disagreement or just having a stand alone meditation session, we sit facing each other. This can be on a yoga mat, on the sofa, floor or even on a bed. Cross your legs and sit as closely as you can (if you have just had a massive argument then you may need some distance) and place your hands, palms up, on your knees. Once you are comfortable in your own breath, reach out for your partners hands. If you are comfortable to be sitting with your knees touching, place your right hand on top of your partners left hand. Stay here. Do not talk about what you will be giving to this meditation, just try to feel it. Having this level of contact with your partner is a magnificent way to become more connected with the other person. Breathe together. Stay in this pose until you feel a connection, this could take seconds, it could take hours and it could even be prevented by children or puppies.

The other way that we meditate together is after our evening yoga practice. We lay down in corpse pose, if you prefer to sit then do this. Just make your self comfortable. Rest with your hands intertwined. It is that easy. We project feelings, intentions or wishes onto the other person and try to envision any thoughts or feelings crossing through our held hands. We did this, as always, at YogaFest and we were complimented by the instructor on how happy this made her. We hadn’t really thought about it, but we are now very aware that we are in tune with each other. It is actually on my husbands advice that I am writing this post, he didn’t think it was fair to keep the secret of happiness to ourselves.


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