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Ration Challenge

I am taking the Dollar handles Education 145 girls- B copyAct for Peace Ration Challenge during Refugee Week and opening my eyes to what it’s like for refugees to survive on rations. From 18-25 June I will be eating the same rations as a Syrian refugee – just a small amount of rice, lentils, chick peas, sardines, oil and kidney beans. That’s it. No meat, coffee or alcohol. Please sponsor me to take this challenge, and donate whatever you can. The money you give will help provide urgently needed food rations, healthcare, and education to help give Syrian refugees the strength they need to cope. It will also help many other refugees arouDollar handles food rations 288 - B copynd the world to build safe, just and dignified lives, now and in the future. Thank you in advance for being so generous. It means so much to us, and you’ll be making a big difference to refugees in desperate need. – See more at:

I aDollar handles Hygiene kit 67-B copym both excited and nervous about doing this! I will be keeping you posted during this challenge, and hope that you get behind me! I would love your support! Please donate below.

Ration Challenge Page


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