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GoNoodle in Kindergarten


This week in my kindergarten classroom, I introduced this little wonder. They are so into this! They have been begging me to do it every chance they get. They love Maximo, a little monkey (I think) who does yoga and guided dancing as well as Melting by Flow. It is so great to introduce to self-regulation, mindfulness and yoga into their lives at a young age as it aids their development both emotionally and socially. Gross motor skills are so important during this period of development.

Not only that, but we are also using this website to help children understand the human body. They have several videos that help children learn about the heart, muscles and bones (an area of emergent science). At my center we run an explicit lesson curriculum so that the children are not shocked when they start at school, reducing that initial anxiety that a growing number of children feel.

I have also seen GoNoodle used in primary schools as a transition activity and it has worked really well! I have had several parents already talk to me about how much their children are enjoying doing these activities. If you get a chance to use GoNoodle in your classroom I strongly recommend it!

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