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Year 1’s and Yoga

I had a wonderful conversation today with 9 of the children I met during my year 1 placement. We started to talk about yoga and how they felt after our class practices. The answers were so funny and great I had to share them!

  1. Do you like yoga? Why?
    • Ash “I enjoy it because it makes me proud of myself”
    • Sally “Yes, I like to play around with the poses at home and make up my own routine!”
    • Robert “Yes. It is good.”
    • Jay “Yes because it is fun exercise!”
    • Tim “Yes, because we get to do movement. It is like exercise.”
    • Chris & Corey “Yes, it is fun”
    • Anna “Yes, it is relaxing”
    • Mayvis “Yes, I like it because it because we do this (stands up and does tree pose) and we stretch our legs”
  2. Do you like sitting with your feelings? Why do you like this? and How does it make you feel?
    • Ash “Yes. It makes me calm down. I talk to my feelings and we calm down together”
    • Sally “Yes. When I get cross and I don’t know. It helps me change and say sorry. I even do it at home.”
    • Robert “Yes, cause it makes me calm cause I like it.”
    • Jay “Yes, cause we just sit and relax.”
    • Tim “Yeah, cause I can remember stuff.”
    • Chris & Corey “Yeah it makes my head calm and my heart happy.”
    • Anna “Yes it makes me feel good.”
    • Mayvis “Yes, it makes me happy. I imagine I am in the sky.”
  3. What is your favorite yoga pose or sequence?
    • Ash “I like our Moana routine because it is funny”
    • Sally “I don’t know.”
    • Robert “Downward dog, cause I like sticking my bottom up in the air (laughs)”
    • Jay “Push ups”
    • Tim “I don’t have one, I really like them all”
    • Chris & Corey “Crossed legs and shaking bottoms”
    • Anna “I like the frozen one.”
    • Mayvis “I like the Moana sequence!”
  4. How does your brain feel after yoga?
    • Ash “It feels ready to learn.”
    • Sally “good…”
    • Robert “Great! I am ready to learn!”
    • Jay “Yogurt”
    • Tim “I feel good”
    • Chris & Corey “Good, nice and calm.”
    • Anna “Happy.”
    • Mayvis “So happy!”

I hope this brought you as much joy as it brought me.

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