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Goodbye to Counting Calories!

So I am looking at new ways to keep my meal intake in check without having to count calories (because lets be honest, counting calories is shit) and thought I would share the five things that have worked for me.


Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.25.18 pm.png

  1. Plate Layout
    • I use my plate as a way to monitor the way I am eating. I go around about half for salad or vegetables, a quarter for carbohydrates and a quarter for protein.


  2. Helping Hand Guides
    • The USAF Fit Family has used the above image to show the recommended portion size for veg, carbs, protein, fruit and fats. It is a very good way of measuring your intake of the different food groups.


  3. The five D’s
    • Delay
      • Wait 10 minutes before you eat
    • Distract
      • Go do some yoga, go for a walk, just do something to get your mind off food. You might just be bored.
    • Distance
      • Move away from food. Stay out of the kitchen and stay clear of food courts.
    • Determine
      • Do the really, really, really test. Do you really, really, really want that bit of food? Is it worth any potential steps back?
    • Decide
      • Don’t eat an entire family sized bar of chocolate (we have all done it, don’t lie). Eat a small portion first, and then see how you go. Don’t forget to eat slowly.


  4. Have a big drink of water.
    • This helps to reduce hunger. It also works if you drink a glass of water before eating a meal.


  5. Throw some fruit in that water!
    • If you have a sweet tooth like me, then this is probably the cause of your snacking and unnatural amount of chocolate wrappers hidden in your car. I love infusing my water! It helps me get my 8 glasses a day in and I end up drinking water instead of snacking.

I hope theses sneaky little tricks help you out!

OH! And a table spoon of Apple cider vinegar and garcinia cambogia in the morning do not go astray.


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