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Origami for Kids

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am very into my mindfulness and meditation in early childhood education. I have recently started to experiment with using crafts as the focus of a meditation. This gives children something to focus on while the are meditating. It can be very hard for children to actually sit down and focus on what is happening now. I have attached a couple of wonderful sites with instructions for easy kid-friendly origami!

  1. Origami-fun
  2. Activity Village
  3. Easy Peasy and Fun!
  4. Easy Origami
  5. Red Ted Art

Using a physical object as part of a meditation practice is a wonderful way to keep your mind from wondering. I often struggle to sit without getting distracted and always find that it is easier if I have something to focus on. I use knitting and sewing as something to focus on while I sit. I am so in love with introducing the young children I work with to sitting with themselves. I am so excited to keep sharing these wonderful things with any readers!

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