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Ahn’s Anger

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Anger is one of the hardest emotions for children to learn to control. ‘Ahn’s Anger’ is a wonderful resource to use with the younger years to encourage them to sit with their anger. Introducing children to meditation is a daunting task as it isn’t easy to get children to simply sit and feel their emotions. I know that when I was in primary school I was always told that I was ok, or that there was no reason for me to be sad. This is not true! I was showing signs of sadness because I was sad! Children should not be told to bury the way that they are feeling because it makes us as adults feel uncomfortable, but they should be taught how to be present with their emotions. I personally believe that there is no such thing as a bad emotion. Saying that being sad is a bad thing to feel creates a negative association. This is particularly valid when it comes to separation anxiety. Telling children that they have nothing to be sad about is writing off the way that they feel and telling them that they don’t understand the way that  they are feeling. The sadness that comes with being left at daycare or Kindergarten by a parent does not come from a negative place. The child is sad because they are going to miss a very important figure in their lives. This is not coming from a place of anger, but a place of love. If an adult is sad because their family lives far away, we don’t tell them that they shouldn’t miss them, so why do we tell children? This book provides alternate ways of helping children manage strong emotions. The best way to deal with strong emotions is not to put them somewhere that is far enough down that we don’t show anyone how we feel, but instead we need to encourage children to just be with their emotions. When a child with ASD becomes overwhelmed, we don’t tell them they are being silly, we tell them to sit and breathe. This is how we best manage our emotions. By teaching children how to ‘sit’ with their emotions, we are equipping the children with the tools to help them manage difficult parts of their lives.

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