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Positive Affirmations

I am currently doing a placement in a low SES school. This is so heartbreaking as it is a school that is built around 4th generation suffers of poverty. There is a large number of foster children and other children who are not understanding the basics of education. There is a large number of things that we as teachers can do, but it requires the whole staff to make it possible. We need to start to build the belief that the children can do anything as long as they put the work in. This is one of the biggest challenges that face high poverty areas. Over the next two weeks, I am going to start using morning affirmations to see if this can help build confidence in their own ability. I have been very lucky with my host teacher. She is so fantastic and positive. This is so important when working with low SES students as they often have very low self worth.

It is only my first day with this beautiful class and I am already feeling like I am making an impact. I ran a session that was all about me and what I love to do and what I am doing here over the next two weeks. I also introduced yoga and positive affirmations. We practiced the sun salutation and they were very surprised at how they felt after yoga. I was very surprised that none of the children had ever heard about yoga. This was a totally different experience from working with my kindergarten class. I am very excited about the potential for this placement. I could potentially learn a lot about how to implement my mindfulness and yoga techniques in this environment.

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