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Why do I practice?

Practicing yoga has always been a very personal thing for me. I have suffered most of my life with depression and for that reason I originally started my practice. I have been practicing for the past three years, and can honestly say that the difference when I am practicing verses the times that I am not is ridiculous. If I am 100% honest, I have ADHD and was only diagnosed in my late teens, so I really struggle when eating highly processed food and can very easily lose connection to myself. It has only been over the past few days that I have actually started an unguided home practice. If you are not yet confident enough to start a home practice, then that is more than ok. I have used several apps (I have used Daily Yoga, Yoga Studio, Salute the Desk ect.) as well as attending the body balance classes at my local gym, however, when you are ready to make the switch to a committed daily home practice as well as attending these classes, I have a book you need to read.

I started getting two Australian magazines called Breathe and WellBeing. It was in the second issue of Breathe that I discovered the 40 days of yoga. This has honestly been life changing, but don’t take my word for it, go a head and try it! It really helps to center your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health. I have not felt as in tune with myself in such a long time.

Now I do have to have a little complain quickly, how much do sun salutations suck! I absolutely hated them when I first started practicing yoga, sadly now, I am a sun salutation junkie! I am so happy I can now complete six rounds of this salutation without swearing repeatedly under my breath and it is a pretty great feeling! But, that is completely off topic. Basically I start with a few sun salutations followed by my intuition led section and I often finish with a gentle moon salutation. If you are just starting out, I would really recommend using these foundation salutations to get the ball rolling.


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